Chicken Feeder with rain cover, Holds 6 Kg


Sturdy outdoor feeder with rain cover and legs.

Holds approx 6kg.

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6kg Chicken Feeder with Rain Cover

This chicken feeder with rain cover stands on 3 inch legs to help keep the food clean and free from ground contamination. There is also the fully waterproof rain hood. This has been designed to fit easily but securely to the top of the feeder barrel. This makes it almost impossible for the birds to remove while feeding ensuring the feed is kept in a good, dry condition. The feeder is filled from the top by removing the rain hat. You can fill the feeder with approximately 6 kg of pellets or mash.

Designed with a finned base and outer ring which minimises food flicking thus reducing waste and mess. Ideal for the domestic and smallholder markets.

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