Broody Pen


Broody Coop / Isolation Pen   132cm L x 96cm W x 56cm H


This small pen allows mother hen the private space she craves when wanting to hatch her own family. The coop pampers to her natural nesting instinct as she wants a quiet safe place to sit on her eggs and to bring up her chicks for the first few vulnerable weeks of their lives.

The small run area provides a space for feed and drink as she  will not want to venture far from the nest.

We also find these coops very useful as isolation pens when we have a sick bird.

Features are,

  • Lift off run lid (for ease of catching birds)
  • Top opening nesting box
  • Lift off nesting box (easy to clean and disinfect)
  • Nesting box raised off ground (prevents damp floor)
  • Secure pop hole door

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Broody Coup / Isolation Pen