Chicken Guard Premium. Auto Chicken Coop Opener.


  • Opens door at set time or at dawn
  • Closes door at set time or at dusk
  • Can combine settings, ie open at time close at dusk
  • Manual open or close with up & down buttons
  • Easily programmed
  • Lifts doors up to 1 kilo
  • Long battery life
  • 3 years warranty
  • Made in UK

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Auto Chicken Coop Opener. Chicken Guard Premium.

This automatic chicken coop opener is a perfect addition to any chicken coop that has a vertical pop hole door. The Chicken Guard Std will open and close your chicken house door at a time set by you or by day light levels or a combination of both. This gives you full control. 

Why Use a Auto Chicken Coop Opener?

If you have ever been late home or may be still at work after dark, don’t worry, this is the answer. The door will close at a time set by you or at dusk so your birds will be safely shut in.


If sometimes you think WHY? When you get out of bed at 6.30, in the rain to let the chickens out, this is the answer. The door will open at a time set by you or at dawn so you can have that hard earned rest. Meanwhile your birds can go about their business.


If you need to have a few days away and don’t want to bother friends or neighbours to look after your chickens, this is the answer. Just make sure you leave enough feed and water for your birds. The door will open and close at a time set by you or at dawn and dusk and your chickens will go about their day as if you were still around. 


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Please contact us if you have questions about this product or if you want any other advice to find the most suitable equipment for your chickens and ducks. We will be glad to help.

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