Dummy Chicken Eggs -Rubber- 4 Pack


  • Pack contains 4 realistic rubber eggs
  • Use to encourage young birds to lay in nest boxes
  • Use to keep broody hens sitting while you select eggs to hatch
  • Leave in empty nests to discourage egg pecking

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Dummy Chicken Eggs, Rubber

A pack of four realistic dummy chicken eggs made of solid rubber.

Encourage young birds or ex battery hens to lay in their nest boxes. Place these fake chicken eggs where you want them to lay. The “eggs” in the nests will reassure your hens that it is a safe place to nest and lay.


These rubber eggs are also used if you want to keep a hen broody while you collect a clutch of fertile eggs for hatching. Once you have your hatching eggs simply substitute the rubber eggs and wait. 


If you have a hen that has picked up the habit of pecking or eating your eggs, replace your eggs with these to discourage the behavior. These rubber eggs won’t be half as tasty and won’t break.


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