Grit Block For Chickens


  • Provides a unique method of providing essential grit
  • Contains flint grit
  • Contains oyster shell
  • Helps digestion
  • Provides calcium
  • Weight of product = 150 gm

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Grit Block For Chickens 150 gm

This grit block for chickens provides a unique method of providing essential grit to chickens of all ages. Contains a mixture of flint grit and oyster shell grit.

Why do chickens need grit ?

Because chickens have no teeth, (hence the saying ” as rare as hens teeth”), they will swallow grit. The grit passes into the birds Gizzard where combined with muscular action it grinds the food to assist digestion.

Why mix flint grit and oyster shell ?

The flint grit is non soluble and provides the grinding medium, (see above). The oyster shell is a soluble grit which dissolves when digested and is a source of calcium. This is essential for good egg shell production and strong bones.

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