Nipple Drinker For Chickens, Holds 12 Litres


A robust hanging bucket with three drinking nipples.

  • Holds 12 litres of water
  • No risk of birds fouling water
  • Easy to fill with lift off lid
  • Reduces waste
  • Height adjustable

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12 Litre Nipple Drinker For Chickens

The nipple drinker for chickens is an excellent solution to ensure your birds always have a clean supply of water. Simply hang the bucket with the adjustable cord at a height which allows your chickens to reach up to touch the nipples. This will release a few drops as and when your birds want to drink so no water is wasted.

Nipple drinker systems are widely used by commercial chicken keepers. If you have rescue hens there is a good chance they have been raised with similar drinkers.

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