Drinker For Chickens or Ducks, Deep Base, 5 Litres


Sturdy plastic drinker.

  • Holds 5 litres of water
  • Easy to fill through bung in base
  • Reservoir can be removed for cleaning
  • Deep base helps to keep water clean
  • Can be used with apple cider vinegar
  • Ducks find the deep trough easy to scoop from

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5 Litre Drinker For Chickens & Ducks

Use this drinker for chickens & ducks. This tough and durable plastic drinker Can be used freestanding or hanging. The water tank is semi-transparent to allow you to easily view the water level. Easy to fill by turning upside down and unscrewing the plug at the base. The handle folds away enabling the drinker to stand upside down whilst you fill it. The 5lt drinker’s height is 24cm and the diameter is 35cm.

Help & Advice

Please contact us if you have questions about this product or if you want any other advice to find the most suitable equipment for your chickens and ducks. We will be glad to help.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 24 cm

Weight includes packaging

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