Large Drinker For Ducks and Chickens. 18 Litres


Heavy duty bucket drinker for poultry or ducks

  • Holds 18 litres
  • Easy to fill from the top
  • Good access for routine cleaning
  • Trough is removable for deep cleaning
  • Can be used with apple cider vinegar

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Drinker for Ducks or Chickens, 18 Litres

This large drinker for ducks or chickens holds 18 litres and is good for a larger flock of up to 30 birds. Having a wide and deep trough makes it suitable for both poultry or ducks. The drinker is a joy to use, just lift the lid to fill from the top. There is no problem with access for cleaning which is a problem with some other large drinkers that we have tried and rejected.

Being of plastic construction means it is safe to use apple cider vinegar in this drinker.

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Please contact us if you have questions about this product or if you want any other advice to find the most suitable equipment for your chickens and ducks. We will be glad to help.


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